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Term Life Insurance Calculator

1: Final Expenses (Funeral, Medical, Legal):
2: Pay off all mortgage balances:
3: Pay off all loans or debts:
4: Education Fund for children:
5: Other Cash Needs (taxes, emergencies):
6: Annual family income needed (less spouses income):
7: Number of years above income required:
8: Estimated interest rate earned on invested income:
9: Estimated annual inflation rate
(3% avg. last 10 years):
10: Subtract value of assets (RSPs, Funds, Cash):
(Only include portion of savings spouse would use right away.)
Total Cash Needs:
Total Income Needs:
Subtract Value of Assets:
The amount of life insurance required:

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Drawbacks of Bank-Promoted Mortgage Life Insurance

This article from The Star provides you with information about the drawbacks of bank-promoted mortgage life insurance.