Company Info - Mortgage Life Options

The primary licensed and independent insurance broker at Mortgage Life Options is Norton Dainard with nearly 25 years of experience. Norton is licenced to advise on and sell life insurance, mortgage life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and other forms of individual insurance.

Mortgage Insurance Broker On Your Side

What does choosing an independent mortgage life insurance broker mean for you? It means having someone working directly for you. Someone who has no ties or commitments to any one bank, credit union or life insurance company.

It means being presented with the best policy to protect your family in the event of a loss. Save as much as 40% in some cases. Plus, your independent mortgage life insurance policy does not decline over time like the bank's.

Licenced Independent Insurance Broker

Norton is multi-licensed, which means he can provide you with insurance policies covering property and liability, employee group health benefits and corporate and individual life policies. His experience and training includes national account management and international training in both Canada and U.S.A. Norton has also involved in ownership and management positions within a number of industries including tourism, construction, real estate, mortgages, and insurance.

Locations & Licenced Regions

Norton Dainard is licenced to sell insurance in the provinces of British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), and Ontario (ON). Mortgage Life Options maintains business locations on the Mainland in Langley as well as on Vancouver Island in the charming seaside town of Ladysmith, just north of Victoria, B.C and in Victoria itself. See the contact page for more details on business locations.

Advantages of Independent Insurance Brokers

Find out why using a licenced independent broker is the best way to protect yourself and your family. Use this link to visit the insurance rate comparison page on this website and see how you will save money and get better insurance protection.

Get Real Insurance, Not Promises

Drawbacks of Bank-Promoted Mortgage Life Insurance

This article from The Star provides you with information about the drawbacks of bank-promoted mortgage life insurance.