You may be paying 50% more
for less coverage if you have mortgage insurance through a bank or credit union.

And, as you get older, your bank’s coverage decreases!

Note: above number based on 46 year old male, non-smoker, preferred rates.

Mortgage Life Insurance, Plus ...

Mortgage Life Options is multi-licensed, which means we can provide you with insurance policies covering property and liability, employee group health benefits aa well as corporate and individual life policies.

Mortgage vs. Traditional Life Insurance

Discover better rates and better protection when you buy home mortgage life insurance through an independent broker rather than a bank, traditional agency or big insurance company. Learn more about the advantages and get a quote today.

Save Up to 54% with Mortgage Life Options

You can do better than the mortgage life insurance terms and rates promoted by loan officers at Canada's banks, credit unions, and trust companies. Their ‘Creditor’s Group Mortgage’ insurance policies typically cost more and offer less protection.

For example, on a typical $500,000 insurance policy with a 20 year term, we can get most applicants a monthly payment of $67/mo compared to paying a major bank $145/mo. That saves you $936/year or a total savings of $18,730 over 20 years.

Don't Just Save ...     Get Better Value, Too

Choose a more affordable option for home mortgage life insurance that gives you better protection, too.

• You're qualified & covered up front
• Your coverage does not decline
• Your rates do not go up
• You're guaranteed renewable
• Your insurance is transferable

Start Saving Now

You can decline your bank's policy or cancel an existing mortgage life insurance policy at any time. Even if you have just said 'yes' to the agent at the bank, you can switch and save with an independant mortgage life insurance broker - discover your options and save!

Get Real Insurance, Not Promises

Drawbacks of Bank-Promoted Mortgage Life Insurance

This article from The Star provides you with information about the drawbacks of bank-promoted mortgage life insurance.